Thursday, November 5, 2009

Designer at Work

They're $till ba$tard$ but that doesn't stop a lotus flower from beginning its bloom...

let them see her as I do
make the clear shadowy filigree
soften but not hide
that if she chooses
only kana for the things she holds dearest

the Gobi at night
mountains coupling through a **** wall
bouganvilla squeezing through cracks

woven in her own soft script
black satin buttons let her adjust
what of her breasts can reach out to touch us.

black weaver's yarn
knitted into the shape of a Sin
kana for heart, hebrew for wilderness
filled with little string dumplings glistening contents
all to decorate, not conceal
what, underneath, so perfect, begs to shine
with each breath the whole ***** ****es
to bring beauty to the world.

(F)our decades have left few marks on your belly
suffering loss for filling its longing
peeking out from underneath the dark silken scrim
it calls out to the ones it mourns
saying, "You live on in me."

(S)ilky abdomen cascades gracefully into
smooth thigh blessed with the perfect tan
seamless glory bringing summer's hot tan passions
into winter.
no thread dare challenge this beauty
the only one needed thin soft black on golden brown
enters and exits the breast weave unnoticed

let the woven density vary only with the risk
tightening into the phrase we utter at the height of our passion
gasped screamed stammered
not a cover for the parts it shades
Not a cover
Just a blessing

1 comment:

  1. First ****: form abjured to mathematics
    form known to my lips my skin my soul
    if she chooses
    by kana...
    (the poor grammar preceeding the word "kana" was a stillborn image.

    Second *****: packed earth Wall (even the Aquablogger will capitalize and punctuate as a matter of last resort) but the whole "verse" should be indented; blame, not this blogger

    Third ****** (actually, a ******* *******es):
    mosaic reassembles
    Art, of and by humans
    at the horizon of imagining
    (the last line of the "stanza" molders on the cutting room floor

    Caps: "Four", but "silky"