Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Custody Hearing

mold filled with polymer
forces known only to math majors
break the consistency
bubbles form
air stronger than polyethylene
directs the filling of the mold

break in an avalanche
forces beyond the reach of math
make a ice wall
air stronger than thunder
directs the treacherous white mass

unseen objects in my breath
forces counting one Erez two Rebecca
Break the flow of breath of qi
Your Honor
Decree stronger than life itself
Direct my soul to flow ungapped by loss.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


struggles to freeze
clings to the carapaces
of black nylon cockroaches on two legs
furtive scurrying skulking
seeking cement bunkers

still green on the bough
clings to gnarled skin
of bony twig on quaking branch
shivering confounded chlorophyll
forgetting how to die

trembles in the creek
forced to march too quickly
on the rocks of the Wissahickon
breathy rasping croaking
longing to freeze solid

conceived in summer
huddled under scrap wood
remains of lost collapsed shelter
unaware their kindred
curl in warm clothes baskets

filthy gurgling queue
pools at the corner gutter
splashes daggers from thoughtless tires
drenching penetrating
bones longing for sun