Sunday, May 9, 2010


wave my blackberry at the man
put away all electronics he says
make me
he outlines the objectives
while circling about
he turns they throw
his art pencils
bought for his son
turned into artillery
he warns they pull
more mp3s and other
electronic contraband
a piece of carmine red
glances off his cheek
lands in his pocket
i smirk
and as he jerks toward impact
i quickly crumple the handout
he translated into spanish
and hit him square
in the back
of his old head

still talking blah blah blah
he asks a question blah blah blah
a classmate answers blah blah blah
a cabrĂ³n in a tie
teacher lunges grabs my cell phone
i tip it to a co-conspirator
hot potato hot potato don't touch i'll sue
he's new we can do whatever we want
if the principal comes, he gets a warning
if she comes again he gets a writeup
if he touches us he gets a 204
BAM! right off his eye
this is better than youtube

lock his door and raid his cabinets
no one gave him locks that work
no one cares for this stuff anyway
least of all me
that was a pickled cat!
what will he do give me detention
think i'll ever
show up

who's gonna make me
follow anybody
what do i care
if he reports me
it goes on his record
he'll never get the
paperwork right
call my parents -
my phone's cut off
he won't walk to my house
if he does
he won't walk back

HA he bought stuff for a lab
HA more stuff for us to damage
HA he tells us the procedures
HA we wait till the right moment
HA he turns to help a student
HA one dork who doesn't dog him
HA let's see just how he likes a
HA big bleach stain on his trousers

OFF one buddy flips the light switch
NOW one kid shouts three attack him
ripping tests his "documentation"
now he has got nothing on us
even while we clean his desk off
dancing in the pile of papers
grabbing gradebook, get the laptop!
Ms. A won't be back up here today
last class told us we were home free
(the cop said call us one more time we'll take YOU off in cuffs for prank calls)

listen to his vocal wobble
(what a bozo)
look a tear forms in his helpless eye
see him counting down the days
(he won't make it)
we ran two we'll run him surely
Serrano had a nervous breakdown
Fischman can follow
and ya know what?

it's his
that ends
in our