Thursday, January 21, 2010

Massachusetts Massacre

A Massachusetts pallor sets my soul
Aquiver, cloying vapor, no escape
From pending loss, of dreams digested whole.
Election leaves depression in its wake.

But one year since Obama set us free
When Slash! The strings our every move controlled
Sliced by Hope's blade, regained our liberty
The puppeteers their toys cast in their hold.

Their trap, a liar in a pickup cries,
"I'm one of you!" Compelling puppet brings
A veiled agenda, writ by moneyed ties
Four million puppets blithe retie their strings.

"I am not dead!" the year old baby cries.
The facts quash Truth! I mourn while Freedom dies.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Slap. Wrap. Stick. Too thick.
Willing Workers On Organic Co-op.
Source. Label. Price unstable.
One wave. In the basket drop.

Slap. Wrap. Too thin bin.
Craggy boss with one-word Fix.
"Add," grunts. Fragment shunts.
Wrap again. The member picks.

Slap. Wrap. Styrofoam
Blue for bluefish, white for meat.
Shift ends, now go home.
Shelf of free-range cows complete.

Shrink wrap. Butcher's knife
Hair nets, gloves, tools of the trade.
Buy our food, prepare, serve kids
Your dollars my employment made.

Slap. Wrap. Simple tasks
Mindful no-mind members' gift.
Link intention with your meal;
Collective will creates your shift.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


parents teacher rabbi
I turn a page
ask que sucedrá
el va a leer la Tora
his golden hand grips
el yad de plata
india ink swims in parchment

they wonder
amigo que no conocemos
responded to a post
para traductor en su templo
faulty spanish
no falta corazón
the child his parents
ticotora judiotico
love needs no dictionary
orgullo sin traducción

In a day my own
judiolatinos chapin-ebraos
lisp letters off twisted tongues
einam y'cholim they can't
no pueden
erase the retroflex
from the awrrrr to form a resh
the distant errrrr-re
no closer than the hebrew
twisting sinuous across these
pages I translate
en la memoria

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why am I stuck?

Mei Nu, your Lao Ren calls you across the cold water
A day long by JP4
A week long by arctic tern
Microwaved body tangles doubting
Questions draw blood at the dot my gut
I dither wander fritter
Timergy besotted with lust and longing

Cannot move without moving
Cannot think without thinking
Cannot calculate without
Mantra, "Think, Answer!:
Will the carbon offset
Balance the forces
Clawing my spirit
From my soul?