Friday, January 15, 2010

Slap. Wrap. Stick. Too thick.
Willing Workers On Organic Co-op.
Source. Label. Price unstable.
One wave. In the basket drop.

Slap. Wrap. Too thin bin.
Craggy boss with one-word Fix.
"Add," grunts. Fragment shunts.
Wrap again. The member picks.

Slap. Wrap. Styrofoam
Blue for bluefish, white for meat.
Shift ends, now go home.
Shelf of free-range cows complete.

Shrink wrap. Butcher's knife
Hair nets, gloves, tools of the trade.
Buy our food, prepare, serve kids
Your dollars my employment made.

Slap. Wrap. Simple tasks
Mindful no-mind members' gift.
Link intention with your meal;
Collective will creates your shift.

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