Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fast Feast

My right holds bird, my left, cranberry sauce,
The turkey, relish each move hand to hand,
One bite, three "Pass the stuffing"'s, voices cross,
The plates in flight seem not to stop and land.

Plates burgeon, rimming full of hours spent
In dicing, ricing, basting, care and toil,
Then, FLASH! Potatoes downed, drinks chugged, flesh rent
The burglars to their lairs digest their spoil.

How does this orgy value labor giv'n
From open heart, with hands so much to bear?
How many hours from your breast are riv'n
By furied gnashing teeth, no thought, no care?

My brain is stuffed with dismal thoughts like these-
The hell with it! I'll go and learn Chinese!

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