Friday, May 11, 2012

Time for Waiting

if I draw you enough times
can I flip the pages until
you arrive at me

I will watch time itself
how will you watch time there is no clock
I will not watch a clock I will watch time

by the undulation of voices in a crowd
the way clouds congeal
the covering and uncovering of the sun

by the cut of tides, patterns slicing
the sound waves thus produced

by the beating wings of the hummingbird
each fleeting glimpse stolen by a stranger
pretending to see ripples in a pond

by the way each snowflake layers itself on
the marble statue I have built for you
and by the times I have rebuilt it, for my mind wandered

and if I can't paint with enough precision
and if I don't draw with light enough stroes
that you come to me at last

Still I will measure the time
In drops of blood from my beating heart
In the width of a river of tears

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