Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tall Tales for Small People

Created for, and partially by, Erez (7), who is writing a book by this title.

Chapter 1.

"I wrote a play the other day,"
I though I heard my young son say,
"We're going out of Egypt,
And I'm God, the Director."

"I have some lines, I speak sometimes
But mostly all the kids are mimes."
My mother never was the wiser;
Nothing he could do surprised her.

Chapter 2.

We lost a handball down the grate -
I didn't want the game to end -
We broke a pillar off the gate
and tossed the manhole cover.

While underground I met a snake
And told what I was seeking.
He tongued my hand and quickly landed
Scooped the toy, not thinking.

Chapter 3.

A blown out tire in our yard
My daddy sent it soaring
Atop the dumpster, 'cross the street -
Bounced back - his blood was pouring.

Before he's done with 911
The front door I had busted,
The sewing kit and alcohol
And hands that could be trusted.

I dripped the bottle on the blood
And knit his scalp together.
The EMT's said "Kid, you're good!"
Dad said, "love you forever."

Chapter 4.

It's hard to have to ride the bus
Because we don't have money,
So once to get to Toys R Us,
I started my toy Bentley.

I breathed its fumes and felt a change.
I'd shrank 'til I was tiny,
I took the wheel and started down
Chew Ave down to Mt. Airy.

At the light I had a thought.
I hadn't any money.
And even if I did, you'd think
A dino, towed, looks funny.

So I switched gases with the hot rod,
Blowing it up bigger.
I gave the Bentley to my dad.
First SEPTA, now, go figger!

Chapter 5.

"I wrote a play the other day,"
I thought I heard my young son say.
"We're crossing through the straits of Life
With honeysuckle nectar.

"Cause I'm the one who's got the pen.
I'll make my daddy smile again.
We're getting to the Promised Land
and I'm God, the Director!"

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