Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For Rebecca, 6/24/09

Burnt Siena fingers
Turned Sepia by the sun
Pressed into cracks in
Outer Space Manatee schist.
Your flesh, where you squeeze-
Macaroni and Cheese.

Magenta White canvas
Rendered Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown
Through play, your only job.
Your foot flexes, blocks the sun,
Shoes creased Eggplant.

Your Apricot onesie,
Painted Atomic Tangerine with clay dust,
Suspended on Asparagus thorns from
Tropical Rain Forest branches,
Breaks free, silhouetted
Against the Yellow Green understory.

Standing on the Shadow schist,
In the glow of triumph,
Your radiant Copper face turns upwarde to follow
Dandelion sunrays off tiny hands
Raised in victory.
How many fingers would fill
A one hundred twenty color
Crayola box?

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