Wednesday, September 26, 2012


my palms feel the power of
your breath expanding the sea of
your hips, exhale rippling
your skin like a flying carpet
I cannot feel
your hear in this prayer circle -
does it flex freely
pulsing in harmonics
of breath frequency?
does it radiate,
a healing sun within you?
does it sit in you, neutral,
the waves of breath opening, closing
like sound and light, little changed by
an obstacle in a reflecting pool?
or like mine, does it weigh deeply
in the field of your breath,
absorbing, deadening,
a heat sink wicking away spirit?
bring with me the void
the abscess of dark energy that
burdens us both

this is my prayer

Let me breathe every moment of my pain.
For breath is Godding, and God
Flows even in black holes.

Help me to distinguish between
My ebullient breath,
The diffracting stones,
The absorbing wounds.

Give me wisdom to feel joy
Coursing through me as breath-spirit
And to find suffering's
Event horizon.

May I grow to share breath through our touch.
May I become strong in being Godded,
That, with time, the power of abnegation will change.

the power of abnegation

the power of




this too is breath

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