Saturday, July 28, 2012

Silver and Fools' Gold

Toes on Schuylkill grass
Never by gravity drawn
to angles. Nor the perfect cleft between
tan calf muscles, bouncing satin thighs
hidden only at the seat
of a feeling barely known.
tied t-shirt scarcely hides
arched objects of desire.
How she might have discovered the flames
of love and passion intertwined
on these shores at night in my arms!
once I was the initiant
but I have eyes that see not,
but I have lips that kiss not,

Air flies through shoes fly through
currents of air on the Wissahickon
as the flight of athlete's legs ripple
through the course in Chestnut Hill.
Toned buttocks endless churning
salmon jogbra all revealing
once I would run backward with you
to admire your womanhood
even as I inspired the athlete.
But I have eyes that see not,
I have ears that hear not,
I have gonads that lie still
as dust in a season
of loss and death.

from the parked Lexus a toned leg and thigh
pulls yet another athlete to the current.
hints of cellulite, a scar
attests to the love you once felt.
with joy you doff the shirt and shorts,
casting a red towel on your favorite patch
The anointing oil would fuel my passion
as I made love to a woman twice my age
collapsing in run-sweat and pheromones
after an evening run in Cleveland
you glance at my memory.
your breasts quiver, hinting at
feeling. But my eyes see not.
my ears hear not.
my heart - I remember -
is is a stone that I feel?
an idol of silver and fool's gold?

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