Friday, April 20, 2012

synecdoche two

wrinkled knuckles rumpled bills
ruched cuff longing for jimmy stewart
thank you have a good one

silken milk chocolate with raspberry tips
pinches a $20 like tissue
thank you have a good one

veinous hand in white cuff
protrudes tonguelike from grey pinstripes
thank you have a good –
how was the traffic in jersey
bet your bmw is nice and quiet
yes thank you bye

gold metal sits window scrolls down
illustration of a girl’s chin and t-shirt
pocketbook snaps sorry for the delay it’s ok miss
thank you have a good one

bass throbs from a hundred yards
security glass lowers, dude asks how much
two dollars where you from sir
DC not the comics she thinks
thank you have a good one

hand like hers weighed down with $2
gold curls splay against the invisible divide
eyes meet furrows lighten
thank you, hon, rest easy, OK?

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