Saturday, December 3, 2011

at 2:00, something fell in love

Breath of Life

of spirit

of matter and its opposite

it was a great


You challenged the City’s Best Divorce Lawyer

and we won.

the disability the CBDL said would be awarded

“when I send Ms. Cohen a Christmas card”

well, Merry Christmas (maybe I can buy Erez

another train, or Rebecca,

a gymnastics lesson)

I have a new boss

who won’t let students beat me up.

Now, as I meditated at the foot

of Jacob’s Ladder

my chest rose two inches

something or someone just fell in love with me.

Maybe it was You?

Or was that Your thank-you hug for

not being on time with those forty-eight?

You’ve known I’ve been through hell recently.

did the Breath of Life

suffer a pulmonary embolism?

“No, Ron,” I imagine You answering.

“It was My way of asking forgiveness.

See, I’m God,

but My alarm clock


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