Sunday, June 20, 2010

11/36 The Piano

too many fingers hitting
too many white slabs
too many black bumps
how can i make those sounds

wherever i found one
i grabbed the bench first
or if by myself i
slid the cover off the keyboard

placing a pudgy finger
on an arthritic key
scouting for don't touch that
adding more fingers, forceful

now while the synagogue
songs flow choppily
second time a melody
add something - hope you like it mom

He has an ear, an eye, a feel
He lacks an instrument
We lack space and the money
But just a Spinet in the corner, maybe

Then some lessons if you practice
thanks mom listen
The notes flow out of him like breath
Let's stop at Volkwein's; don't forget the Liszt

little Gary climbs on the piano bench
the cast on his leg keeps time
am i special if my baby
brother plays like me

Both demeaned will be in the
Sibling rivalry

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