Friday, April 23, 2010

Gossip in the Middle of the Night (for Carolyn)

in the mind
in the spine
a call is made
a lyric blade
the ace of spades
scratchy overdubs
speech cut at the nubs
indicts the jack of clubs
Ace: the chick who held the camera
on you and Shivananda
beneath the jacaranda
says you need to work on tantra
from the clumsy artless way you let him mount ya

say it ace
to my face
do more damage
with your frottage
at the cottage
where the boys line up
each with coffee cup
lacking just to sup
all the bone grind on the bone meal that you want to schtup
Ace: pervs like me hide in plain day
while poor priests are nabbed at play
but did you hear our mate Clay
and the boss's son today
damn near tore apart the carpet with the Man away

why is this
so amiss
to ace jack scoffed
a little boff
with cameras off?
Jackie lit the fire
mucking in the mire
according to the wire
service in the sanctum of Talent For Hire
Ace: That's not all did you see Charlie
nose red eyes bloodshot pearly
crystals streaming down gnarly
matted whiskers quite surly
twitching like a loony? he left early

how i wish
i could dish
like this spade ace
bearing false grace
such a fast pace!
rued the outdone jack
knife behind his back
pointing out his lack
of slat-toungued comebacks leaving his jaw slack
Ace and his suit can read minds
their ilk the jacks leave behind
in the race to trap and bind
fools who end up as their find
with all positions partners powders pleasures publicly mined?

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