Saturday, February 27, 2010


I. (In the beginning there was the Word)

has not
been such a
breathless moment

such a
blush fluted

nothing stronger

blinding flash
of creating

exploding into life

II. (standing on common ground)

have you ever
looked a baby in the foot
from profile and, not noticing
where the melanin begins
if it does at all?

gnarled walnut finger
traces image held in
tanned maple hands
Burnt Siena-cherry baby
teeters on pink soles

just like my baby
coos grandma

III. (Seek ye beauty where it may be found)

the thicket threatened

twisting viny imports from
bowels of a casual bird
what chokes worse,
sumac or shade grass?

blades and hatchets
merge with muscle
air infused with sunlight
whispers warmth across the crown
of rose of sharon

one bud unbows its head
chartreuse grey-veined sepals stretch
makes way for the blossom

IV. (To sleep, perchance to dream)

i've been here before
dim light glows pink off the live ones
dusty pigments pinken up the dead ones
they don't call them icicle roses for nothing

see how the pink gold threads
forming candles in the misty carpet
bare pink-gold candlelight
reflected warm yet wan
The color of birth
dimmed to pallor

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