Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vision of Forgiveness

A Yom Kippur omaggio to Dylan Thomas
Are you
So close in
My heart my soul
That the beat is yours
The voice chewing the back
Of my skull your animus and I
Shake myself chant and mantra, every
Cell and neuron gasping for some air?
Body to body soul to soul
Flip a blessing find a curse
All things thrown leave a mark
Splintered end table
Broken oak bones
To my

Bathe in
Tears of hate
So close to love
The radiation
Alters the dna
Of me of you of little him
Strike my name from her papers to
Cleanse the soil of all signs that I lived!
Wound to wound, damage to damage
I will not listen when the
Scorn shrieks silently from
Your side of the street
Let the whole pain
Flow open
We must

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