Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crystalline Wisdom

Wisdom falling like icicles from a Japanese maple
You could freeze a sequoia with your will
Reaching through the past
You pick
A frozen twig
The morning light glistens
Diffracting into rainbows

Once, you celebrated your move to this complex
You saw thousands of crystals
Received wisdom
You saw a garden of crystals, reflecting
Wisdom of the world

How two years have changed you,
Ice Sculptor
Who sought to create a garden of refraction
All light and happiness of myriad images
Focused to the future
The pallid, lukewarm hopelessness
Of aging humanity
Thwarted you captured you
Transformed you in its own image
"Come let us make adam in our own image"
Image of the imageless
Focus lost
Crystals worn into facelessness

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